Book Sale!

And a little bit of humanity...

My aunt and uncle—functionally my parents—have sold the house they’ve lived in for a bit less than 25 years, and are moving to Arizona. I support them, of course, but both my daughter and I are sad to see them go. This will be the first time I’ve lived far away from them in, well, forever. There was a brief period in the early 80s when my aunt lived in New York, but I still lived with my adoptive parents then (it’s a long and sordid tale; don’t ask).

That’s normal, I guess, and I’m glad I’ve had them here and near me from the time I came to live with them at 15 to now, when I’m pushing 50. And even though I haven’t needed their aid in many years now, it’s a little scary knowing they won’t be here if anything goes wrong. Their presence has always been a bit of a safety net—nice to know it’s there even if you don’t want to need it.

I still have three of my sisters nearby, so it won’t be the end of family in the area, but I’m still a bit sad “mom” won’t be close. And my daughter is devastated.

But mom and dad deserve a retirement free of stress. So good luck, and we’ll see you at Christmas—here or there.

Meanwhile, my publisher has knocked down the price of my E-book, for this weekend only, to 99 cents! So if you haven’t picked it up, this is a good time! If you bought it in print but would like to also have the ebook, now’s a great time! If you don’t want it, but you know someone who will, now’s a great time! Let them know!

Just to make it easy, here’s a link to the US Amazon page.

The book is similarly discounted in Canada ($1.31) and the UK (£0.98), as well.