The Blood-Dimmed Tide is OUT!

Book 2, Electric Boogaloo

As of today, book two of The Remembrance War, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, is out in stores! Those of you who preordered e-books should have them on your e-readers already. Those of you who preordered paper copies should get them today. And for those who didn’t preorder but want the book, you can find it wherever books are sold.

In fact, unlike book 1, Sacramento readers can go to ANY Barnes & Noble for a copy—all Sacramento and Roseville branches have it in stock!

I want to thank you, my readers, for your support. Without you, writing would just be a thing I did for my own pleasure. More than half of the joy I get from creating these stories is from the messages I get, or the blog posts I see, where people talk about loving the world and characters I’ve created.

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