What's this thing do?

Hey, you made it!

This is the first message from my new mailing list. I’ll explain a few things, and then leave you be until the next one.

First, the entire newsletter is still free, and will be for at least a month or two. After that, it’ll be split into two levels:

Free: This level will be the same as you’ve seen over the last year or so—occasional emails, mostly when there’s an announcement about a publication or an appearance. These messages will be sporadic, as I only send them when there’s actually something newsworthy to tell you, and they will always be free.

Free users can “like” posts, and can reply to messages received.

Paid: This level won’t start for a month or so, or rather, I’ll post this kind of thing, but it won’t be paywalled away from the Free users for at least a month. After that, only paid subscribers will see these messages. They’ll be weekly, and mainly of interest to people who might want to read about science fiction (and fantasy) movies and tv shows, the SF/F Publishing world, and advice for writers (such as I have or can find for you).

Paid users can “like” posts, reply to messages, and leave comments on the website.

And that’s about it! I’ll be posting at least weekly for the paid version, so look for a new post later this week.

Until then, stay safe.