Hey, an update!

It has been a while...

So book 2, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, is now totally edited, proofread, and off to the printer, or will be shortly. The book will release in mid-February 2020, so it’s just a few months now. I urge folks to preorder from whichever outlet the prefer. Preorders are good for writers—they tell the bookstore people are interested, which gets more books on the shelves, and builds our audience. And as a relative newcomer to the field, I need my audience to grow! Many preorder links can be found here.

I’m still working on the concept of a book launch; I’m not sure if I’ll do one for this book or not. It’s a lot of time and mess, and while it was kind of fun last time, it’s also got its risks. But we’ll see what happens.

It’s Halloween as I write this, and I’ve become the Old Man yelling about his grass. I didn’t dress up, which disappointed some of my students, but them’s the breaks.

Next up on the docket is Book 3, What Rough Beast?, and then after that I’m not sure which of several projects I’ll start working on. I’ve got two Fantasy projects and two more Space Opera projects in the wings.

That’s all for this update! Have a great month!